Sunday January 17, 2021

Mind Management - Part 2

The Year of Release, Reset & Recharge


What our members have to say...
Angelique Jones

“I love my church! The Place of Hope is a spirit-filled word church. I am encouraged every time I enter the doors. This place helps me to live a victorious life in Christ. At Hope, we love God and God’s people. Our Bishop and First Lady live the life they preach, teach, and sing about. We believe in giving God our best. We are a 5 Star Ministry."

April Burton

"Being a member of TPOH has truly changed my life and helped me strengthen my walk with God! There is so much love in His people there that it's unreal! When you can worship in a place where feel the presence of God before you even enter in you know you are in the right place!"

Joseph & Zaddie Blake

"Strong we feel with every feeling, sincere as it is real. Hope is defined as a feeling of expectation an desire. There is no greater feeling like The Place of Hope. The Place of Hope has become one of our favorite places. Not because we attend there but because it's a place where we can spiritually exist. Our love for you will always be true."

Quenelle McDuffie

"The Place of HOPE is a church that teaches the bible. Bishop Jones breaks the word down so that a child can understand. I feel apart of the church and it's not just for adults but as a kid there are things for us to do so that we feel apart of it too. I love my church, my Pastor and First Lady...there is no place like hope."

Toni Doss-White

"I usually don't recommend churches because of people different religious backgrounds, but I highly recommend "The Place of Hope" because our Bishop only preaches the word of God and explains the scriptures perfectly for all ages to understand. I am proud to be a member here with exceptionally genuine people, educators and professionals."

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